mappa terracina alta trovateci gusto

How to get to the old town

The best way to reach the inner city, once arrived in Terracina, is walking up. Albeit uphill roads, in fact, the distances are short, with suggestive stret- ches, full of surprises. From the bus station you can climb Po- sterula way and, walking along the "gardens" of Palazzo Braschi, pass under the magnificent plane tree that we re- commend as a stop to savor all fresh shadow it provides du- ring the hot summer days. From the railway station, if you do not have heavy luggage, you can instead go towards Porta Romana (Roman gate) and pass through Corso Anita Gari- baldi (Anita Garibaldi Avenue) where it will be possible di- scovering the diverse historical and architectural beauty. A third way, but only for those who are not deterred by the slope, is to "Uphill Road" (Via Annunziata), which will repay the ef- fort, once on top, with the beauty of the panoramic view from Piazza Domitilla (Domitilla square), with the imposing facade of the Palazzo della Bonifica and the striking view that you will find in the historic Piazza del Municipio (Town Hall Square), the center of the Foro Emiliano (Emilian Forum). If not necessary, therefore, we do not recommend getting into the car, because it is always difficult and, in many places not allowed, stopping and passing directly into the internal streets of the inner city where, in summer enters into force the pe- destrian precinct that prevents all access to vehicles. Therefore you can safely park in the areas shown on the map and pro- ceed by walk, or by following the above ways, or "roaming around" to other streets and staircases that will take you to your destination anyway.

Useful numbers

Museo Civico
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