Corso Anita Garibaldi

The high street Anita Garibaldi, beginning from Porta Romana (the last urban gate almost entirely conserved, built in 18th century), is the western entrance to the historic town. The high street traces the lay-out of the ancient Appian Way (still there under the stones “Sanpietrini”) that crossed the whole town and continued in the south. It has been the most important way not only in terms of urbanistic, but also for the society and the commerce, and today is still the point of?greatest concentration of shops and stores. It could be by itself a very interesting touristic and cultural?itinerary. In the first stretch, from Porta Romana to the “Torrioni” (where the first gate, Porta Maggio, was located), apart from the many stores with their medieval structure, it’s possible to see, to the right, the neoclassic “Palazzo dei Forni”, and to the left, on the summit of a beautiful staircase, the church “Del Purgatorio” with its characteristic late baroque façade. On the high street there are also a lot of typical roman houses and medieval places, mansions of the Renaissance and sixteenth-seventeenth century buildings.